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Welcome to Hernando Beach Crime Watch

What Crime Watch Does


Monthly Meeting

Our Crime Watch monthly meeting is held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Hernando Beach VFW Post on Shoal Line Blvd, 7 pm.  Either a Hernando County Sheriff Marine Deputy or Hernando County Community Deputy will give a crime report at every meeting


Crime Mapping

A crime watch member posts local crime reports from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office on the Hernando Beach Nextdoor Forum so that residents are kept abreast of what is happening in their community.



The Hernando Beach Crime Watch car is manned by volunteers who drive various routes within the area that they wish to drive, either North, middle or south Hernando Beach, or the entire community at your discretion.  They also drive at a time that they select. To drive our Crime Watch vehicle you must be at least 25 years of age and have a good driving record. Our vehicle is insured, and all volunteers are vetted by our Hernando County Sheriff through the application process.  You must also be finger printed which is done by the Hernando County Sheriff after your application as a volunteer is accepted.