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Welcome to Hernando Beach Crime Watch


Let's make our community a better place!

Volunteers Welcome

To be a Hernando Beach Crime Watch volunteer you must be 21 years of age, live in Hernando Beach and pass a background check. You do not have to drive the patrol car, you can volunteer in other areas.

Events/Fund Raisers



Drunken Mullet, Hernando Beach

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On 2/16/2019 the Drunken Mullet is hosting an afternoon outdoor PicNic for Crime Watch details to be posted. All proceeds from the PicNic food sales, raffle & silent auction will be donated to Crime Watch.

Drunken Mullet, Hernando Beach

About Us

What Is Crime Watch


A neighborhood Crime Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer.  Our local  crime watch volunteers are not vigilantes, they do not assume the role of the police. Their duty is to ask neighbors to be alert, observant, and caring—and to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police. 

Call Hernado Couny Sheriff at 352-754-6830

Crime Watch Program


The goal of the Hernando Beach Crime Watch program is to enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community's power of observation and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors. Crime watch volunteers are the “eyes and ears” of our community. They are the closest link to local law enforcement and the advantages to Hernando Beach for having our crime watch group are invaluable. These include:  Safer community ~ Less crime and incidents ~ Improved quality of life ~ Relationship with law enforcement ~ Stronger and more tight knit community ~ Effective and low cost approach to crime ~ Knowing a neighborhood has a watch program can deter criminals

Crime Watch Patrols


Patrolling our Hernando Beach community in our Crime Watch vehicle is NOT a requirement to be recognized as a Hernando Beach Crime Watch volunteer. You can be an advocate for an increased role in crime prevention simply by being the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, attending meetings and  contributing your time, skills and knowledge.   Crime Watch is getting people involved in crime prevention, making the homes in our community less of a target and being good neighbors to one another.


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You may also mail a check to:  Hernando Beach Crime Watch, PO BOX 3140, Spring Hill, FL 34611.   Thank you for donating to our Crime Watch organization.